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Holiday Season Scheduling Wisdom Teeth Removal

Thanks to the way school calendars are setup, vacation days and small breaks are scattered throughout this time of year, creating more opportunities for your child to have their wisdom teeth removed without missing classes or sports. It’s November, and the holidays are upon us! At AZ Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, the holidays mark the […]

5 Reasons for Wisdom Teeth Removal Before Heading Back to School

Chandler AZ & San Tan Valley AZ Parents! It may just be July, and you’re probably knee deep in summer plans, like an escape to the cooler temps in the pines of Flagstaff, a dip in the swimming holes in Oak Creek Canyon, or just a quick cool off in the nearby Salt River, but […]

Remove Wisdom Teeth While They’re Still Young

Chandler & San Tan Valley AZ If your child has braces, you’ve probably been encouraged by your orthodontist to schedule a wisdom teeth removal as soon as the braces are taken off. The last thing you want is for the wisdom teeth to come in and disrupt the perfectly straightened new set of teeth. The […]

Summer Break Wisdom Teeth Removal

Chandler & San Tan Valley AZ As COVID restrictions lift and teenagers return to in-person school and activities, our schedules seem to have gotten very busy. Thankfully, summer is on the way. Consider using the break this summer, while your child is out of school, to have their wisdom teeth removed. Wondering why? Why the […]

Wisdom Teeth Aftercare

Having your impacted wisdom teeth removed is a serious surgical procedure, and post-operative care is extremely important! Read on for instructions on how to care for your sore mouth, and how to minimize unnecessary pain and complications. Immediately Following Surgery: Keep a firm, yet gentle, bite on the gauze packs that have been placed in […]