5 Reasons for Wisdom Teeth Removal Before Heading Back to School

Chandler AZ & San Tan Valley AZ


It may just be July, and you’re probably knee deep in summer plans, like an escape to the cooler temps in the pines of Flagstaff, a dip in the swimming holes in Oak Creek Canyon, or just a quick cool off in the nearby Salt River, but school will be back in session before you know it.

And the last thing your child wants to do is have their wisdom teeth out while juggling classes and sports and jobs. So, take just a few days in the midst of the summertime fun to get this important procedure done. It’ll never seem like the ideal time, but here’s why summer is the season for wisdom teeth removals:

Chubby Cheeks

With COVID restrictions in the rearview mirror, so are Zoom classes, and that means in-person, face-to-face, good ol’ fashioned school. And although wisdom teeth removals are routine procedures in our office, the first few days of recovery can leave your child with a little facial swelling and bruising. The last place they want to deal with oral surgery recovering is in AP Physics class or on the football field.

Crooked Teeth

You’ve heard this from us before. When it comes to wisdom teeth, the sooner you get those bad boys out, the better. If your child has had braces, those straightened teeth need space to stay in line. As third molars push their way in and disrupt the lineup, all the years and dollars of orthodontic treatment will be wasted. Don’t let waiting just a few months set you back even more.

Ice Packs and Prescription Meds

The truth is there’s tends to be a wee bit of post-op pain after wisdom teeth removal. Nothing that can’t be managed with ice packs and Tylenol. But who wants to be icing at school? And if your child needs something a little stronger, we prescribe pain meds which should most certainly NOT be taken anywhere but at home.

Time Off

The rule of thumb for a simple wisdom teeth recovery is 3-4 days. That adds up to a decent amount of missed school days. And that’s if everything goes well. We occasionally have patients take up to a week to recover. Summer is the perfect time to kick back and relax rather than worry about missing school and all their other activities.

Summertime Snacks

Chances are some of your friends’ kids have already had their wisdom teeth out, and everyone is talking about the post-op menu: popsicles, smoothies, and milkshakes. And it’s summertime, so your fridge and freezer are probably already stocked with these soft, non-acidic snacks. Make sure to remind your child

not to use a straw because it can disrupt the wound and cause a painful, slow recovery. But otherwise, indulge in all your kid’s favorite flavors and encourage them to enjoy the treats.

Take advantage of your child’s flexible scheduling during the summer and book a wisdom teeth removal with us today! Get that wisdom teeth removal on the calendar ASAP.